About Xiamen

Xiamen City, China



Xiamen, or many tourists may call it Amoy, is located at southeast tip of Fujian Province. Composed of Xiamen Island, Gulangyu Island, Haicang Peninsula, Jimei Peninsula, Xiang’an Peninsular, Tongan, Jiulongjiu,etc. Xiamen is a port scenic city. Xiamen is praised as a charming “Garden on the Sea” for the city is sitting on the sea, while the azure sea is crossing the city. Delicate scenery with comfortable climate, Xiamen has one of the best environments in China. Surrounded by sea water, with grand beaches and warm sunlight, the air is extremely fresh. It’s also the home to thousands of egrets, and the shape of Xiamen is also like an egret, thus Xiamen is also called Egret Island. Leisure, handiworks, snacks, encounter a cute cat or dog – this slow life is the best travel experience that Xiamen can offer to tourist.

Gulangyu Island – A romantic little isle suitable for petty bourgeoisie, praised as sea garden, world architecture expo, home to music and the island of piano, Ganglangyu Island is the biggest highlight of Xiamen.

Slow Life – The slow and leisure life attracts so many people to Xiamen. Stroll in a fine weather, fresh air, neat environment, swaying palms, and listen to the waves and feel the gentle sea breeze.

Xiamen Flavor – Tourists can experience the original Xiamen flavors, and this not only means the authentic flavor, but also the original selling way. Normally, you need to purchase the food ticket first, then pick your food, just like the old time in 70s.